Rob Harvey


Personal Details

Braintree Town FC
Full Name:
Rob Harvey
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Shirt number:
7 (depends on the game)


Milwall FC
Braintree Town FC


Introduce yourself…

I’m Rob Harvey, I’m 19, have played for Brightlingsea, Millwall and I’m Currently at Braintree Town. Off the pitch I’m studying to be a Personal Trainer, Football coach and a Physiotherapist.

What are your specific qualities as a football player?

I’m fairly quick and I work very hard in and out of possession, I have a good delivery into the box and I have played in a wide range of positions over the past few seasons making me versatile.

What is your best moment in your football career? And why ?

I think it has to be when I signed for Millwall, it was a dream come true to become a professional but I think having been there I now know where I want to get back too!

How do you prepare for an (important) match? (music, rituals, etc.)

I’m not very superstitious but I like to be fairly early to all matches and I just have my music on quite load on the way to the game .

Who are the most important people within football environment? And why?

Obviously I’ve learnt a lot from my coaches and the players I have worked with on the physical and tactical sides of the game but I know my family are so supportive with everything on and off the field which plays a massive part as well.

In the youth did you play for West Bergholt FC. How was your time there?

Yes I was at a few clubs in my youth but I played for West Bergholt which was great because I played there with a lot of my school mates and we had a very strong team in our last season together. We did really well in the Essex county cup and got to the final where we lost on penalties, Brightlingsea came to watch the cup run as well which helped me move to them after that season.

You have played football for one year by Millwall FC. How did you experienced that year?

It was great! I improved so much over the year and it was a great insight into be a full time professional. I’m hoping I can get myself back into the football league.

You’ve played for Brightlingsea FC Regent, Millwall FC and now for Braintree Town FC. At which club do you have learned the most so far?

I’ve learned so much from each one, all different experiences! At Millwall I was working with professionals everyday which really improved my understand of the game. Now at Braintree I’m being coached by Glen and TK and I know I’m going to learn a lot over the course of this season in different shapes and playing against very strong teams each game.

What are your personal goals this season?

Personally I would like to get myself in the starting 11 consistently by having a positive impact on all the games I’m involved in by being positive when I’m attacking by, getting goals, putting lots of good crosses into the strikers and really get some consistency in my game.

What’s your ultimate dream?

Ultimately I would like to get back into the football league and play first team football in one of the top four divisions. But my current challenge is the most important at the moment and that’s playing as well as I know I can for Braintree this season.

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